"I never imagined I would receive a Padma Shri someday; and you can’t think about these things. It was a wonderful surprise… Honestly, I’ve got more than what I expected in life. God has been kind. I feel extremely blessed. I’m living my dream; it couldn’t get better than this." - Vidya Balan

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects + Outtakes

Anonymous: So is Vidya really preggers????!

The buzz is that she apparently is, but I’m not believing anything until it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. I’ve read reports both affirming and refuting her ‘pregnancy’, so for now all we can do is sit and wait patiently till a trustworthy source comes along.

Tbh I don’t quite know how to feel about all the pregnancy talk…

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kahaani - “A Mother Of A Story” (9th March 2012)

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